Carter Beach Properties doesn't like this website. It had its attorney send us a cease and desist letter. Check out our response.

After seven years, we received this letter.
Here is our response.


_-_-_ Florida Vacationers Beware. _-_-_
Before renting a home from Carter Beach Properties read this.

The information contained herein is presented in order to prevent  anyone who is considering renting from Carter Beach properties to be taken advantage of the way our family was on our Florida vacation having rented from them.

This web site is intended to provide information concerning Carter Beach properties, a vacation rental company that rents to Florida vacationers in the Destin, Seagrove Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Rosemary Beach and Panama City Beach areas.

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Carter Beach Properties is located at:

Carter Beach Properties

Seagrove Beach, Miramar Beach, Crystal Beach, and Destin Vacation Rentals

TOLL FREE:   1-866-598-2962

LOCAL:   1-850-269-1275
Company Information
New Owner: Cone Financial Group (Kenneth S. Cone, Chairman)

Former Owner: Craig Carter

Also Operates Under

Their website is

This house should be “Panoramic Construction View” there is no sea to see.

Read the contract from Carter Breach Properties carefully. You will notice that there is no out clause to the contract once you arrive. So in essence they can rent you a misrepresented and filthy home and there is nothing you can do about it. Once you arrive and realize the home is nothing as described, you’re screwed.

Satisfaction is NEVER guaranteed at Carter Beach Properties.

This is our story………

We rented Panoramic Sea View, not for the name but for the views it showed on the website. It was going to be another perfect family vacation. This is not the first time we rented in the area. It is a family tradition. We needed a bigger house this year since the entire family was coming to stay.

We arrived to Panoramic Sea View on July 24 th 2006 after a long 8-hour trip with our 3 boys and 1-year-old little girl. As soon as we pulled up we thought that we had the wrong house. There was a huge construction site directly beside the house. There were boards, tools, nails and a port a john right beside the house we were to stay in for a week. We walked up the stairs and opened the door. Carter Beach PropertiesThe house was disgusting. The cleaning people must have not been there very long. The floors were dirty, there were dead and alive roaches on the floor, in the sink, on the porch, there were cigarette butts the entire porch, trash on the porch. Did the cleaners really show? Why would I let my 1-year-old stay in this house? Let alone my entire family? Babies are known for putting everything in their mouths, I guess a dead or alive roach or a cigarette butt would be tasty!!! For $7000.00 this house should be immaculate let alone have breathtaking views. I know I wasn’t getting gulf front, but this is not“as good as it gets”!!! As it says on the website.

There was no way we were going to stay in this filth!

I called Carter Beach Properties immediately. They gave me an emergency number to call if there were any problems. So I called, and called, and called. No answer, no return phone call. It was getting late and I knew we had to do something. I didn’t even want to sit down on any of the furniture. We walked in and then we walked out. I started to call other rental companies to see if I could find somewhere else to stay until we get this resolved. After about 50 phone calls I found one. I had to reserve it so my family could stay in a safe environment. Carter Beach Properties should have called me back. It was about 1:00 am the next day before we could get somewhere to stay. The kids were starving and exhausted. I can’t believe I wasted our first day of vacation on looking for a safe house for my family. Carter Beach Properties still hadn’t called us the next morning, which was now Monday. After calling several more times I finally got a hold of someone on the phone. I explained our situation and was told it was Sunday and no one was in the office. When I asked about the emergency phone number I was told again that no one was in the office. The woman was rude and inconsiderate. We informed her of the situation and were told that she didn’t have to disclose any information regarding construction. She was going to have someone go look at the house regarding the accusations we made about the filth. We told the woman that we tried to get in touch with them and had to find somewhere else to stay. We told her that we wanted a full refund of our deposit and the full rent we had paid. We rented this house in March of 2006 it was now July. We were told that we would not receive a refund. We rented the house and the rent was non-refundable. We then wanted to speak to the owner of Carter Beach Properties. Our phone number was given, but received no call. We drove over to the house in hopes to speak with someone. They had sent one of their maintenance men. Does a maintenance man know how a house is to be kept? They only fix problems. This house had major problems that a maintenance man could not fix. I would think the owner would want to see how their house is kept. We took some pictures to share with our lawyer and all of the other families that were going to get screwed by Carter Beach Properties. Now there are new owners and a new name “It’s 5 o’clock here”.

No wonder, the old ones didn’t care. Carter Beach Properties didn’t care for their renters. Think about it before you rent.

The house we rented is called “Panoramic Sea View”

Carter Beach Properties has now renamed the house  ”It’s Five o’clock Here

Quoted from
New ownership has resulted in the change of name. 
However, nothing changes the Beautiful Views of the Florida Panhandle as seen from every window of this 3,000 square foot Seagrove Beach vacation rental

Carter Beach Properties

Quoted from
You will start your day and end your day with unbelievable sunrises and sunsets from the master bedrooms, most all rooms, or balconies of this vacation beach rental. This property is great for large groups or family reunions. Come see our beautiful beaches and develop life long memories of your Seagrove Beach vacation.

Quoted from
“We pride ourselves on the quality of our Destin Florida vacation rentals and equip them to provide you and your family with a pleasant and memorable Destin beach vacation rental.”

Quoted from

 “With Carter Beach Properties, you can be guaranteed a quality Destin vacation rental that is clean, comfortable, and ready to help make your Destin or Seagrove Beach Florida vacation memorable.  All properties are on or near our sugar white beaches and emerald green waters.  Most of our properties have been built within the last two years and are beautiful Destin beach homes that are professionally decorated, clean and a joy to spend you Destin Florida beach vacation in.”  

This quote is absolutely false and misleading. What about the guarantee?
The only thing they guarantee is to hold your money regardless of how filthy and roach infested their rentals are.

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Their View
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Our View


Their website states: "New ownership has resulted in the change of name.  However, nothing changes the Beautiful Views of the Florida Panhandle as seen from every window of this 3,000 square foot Seagrove Beach vacation rental."

However these pictures show otherwise.


Here is a screenshot from their website.



Bottom line……Carter Beach Properties couldn’t care less about us, our frustrations , our family ,or our vacation nor were they willing to help in any way. They simply said ”we are keeping your money”. Carter Beach properties descriptions of their rental houses are inaccurate, desceptive and misleading. If you are planning on renting a beach home in the area, I highly suggest you look for someone more trustworthy than Carter Beach Properties.  Hopefully this informative web page will help protect the next unsuspecting victim.

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The Robertsons

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